My favorite iOS Keyboard: Kaomoji

14 Oct 2014

iOS 8 is finally out and everyone and their moms are making custom iOS keyboards to sell on the app store. Even me, yes. I have tried pretty much every keyboard available but have only found one that I truly love.

Kaomoji Kaomoji

Today my friend, and colleague at Robocat, Ulrik released his latest creation Kaomoji. Kaomoji is an custom iOS Keyboard that let's you quickly browse and send kaomoji (e.g. japanese text emoticons) to all your friends. The keyboard also let's you build your own kaomoji from scratch with a fun interface. The app is beautifully designed and feels very native for something that his very different from an Apple keyboard.

In full disclosure I had the pleasure of making the website for Kaomoji which means I am totally biased. But everyone should check out Kaomoji. It's free on the App Store.