Podcasts for Cocoa Developers

01 Apr 2014

As any good Copenhagen citizen I commute to and from work/university on my bike which adds up to an average 22 km per day (that's 13 miles for you americans). This gives me a great excuse and opportunity to listen to podcasts. I subscribe to a total of 29 podcasts, which seems like a lot but is really not with 10 hours of commute every week.

If you're a iOS/OS X developer this a golden time in the podcast area. There is so much greatly produced content out there. Here I present in descending order the list of my favourite development or technology related podcasts:

1. Build Phase
This is my new favourite podcast that I look forward to all week. I listen to it as soon as I get the notification! It is hosted by Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot who are both Cocoa developers at thoughtbot. The show sticks to pretty much one topic each week and give great insights into iOS development subjects.

2. The Record
Currently in its first season the show is dedicated to tell the story of developers in Seattle before the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and how it changed the development scene. This show has already (now by its 7th episode) many great developers onboard. Each episode a new developer is interviewed about their history in development. This is a great show if for nothing else, nostalgia.

3. Debug
Hosted by infamous Rene Ritche and Guy English this is another show that interviews cool developers in the Cocoa development community and discuss history and timely topics.

4. Edge Cases
I recently started listening to this show and currently in the processes of listening through the backlog of 80 episodes. In this show Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch discuss timeless topics in Cocoa development and how to how to solve difficult topics.

5. Notification Center
Formed as a casual conversation between Ash Furrow and Top Copley this shows touch on timely topics. The show is very casual end very enjoyable.

6. Accidental Tech Podcast
If you haven't heard about ATP by now you must be living under a rock. Staring John Siracusa (long known for Hypercritical), Marco Arment (known for his blog; formerly of Instapaper, Tumblr and The Magazine) and Casey Liss (known for.. Who the hell is casey?). This show is always a hoot and a half to listen to. Mostly the topics surround Apple and technology but other subjects have included Software Methodologies and Sexism in the tech world.

7. Core Intuition
There is something profoundly funny about listening to Daniel Jalkut (aKa. Daniel Punkass) ranting about stuff with his buddy Manton Reece. This podcasts mostly covers the world of indie software development and Apple related news.

8. Springboard
In this podcast Ash Furrow (who also co-hosts Notification Center) interviews developers in the Mac and iOS community while focusing on new developers entering the field.

9. Developing Perspective
David Smith (aKa. underscore) takes a refreshing look at various topics in developing apps for the iOS platform. Each podcast is under 15 minutes and always gives great food for thought.

10. iPhreaks Show
This podcast is the most recent addition to my many subscriptions and I have only managed to listen to a few episodes so far. This show is also based on interviewing developers and discussing interesting development topics in Cocoa. I can warmly recommend their episodes on Concurrency with Jeff Kellyey and 64-bit with Mike Ash.

Some of these podcasts are very topical and touch on may different and interesting subjects and try to give some insights. Others are interview based where they focus more on the historical aspects of technology and development. Either way I find that each of these shows are definitely worth listening to.

I also listen to some non-development related podcasts and here are my favourite ones:

If you have some suggestions for good podcasts on your own I'd love to hear about them!

For the ones who haven't quite settled on a preferred podcast client you should try Castro. Its elegantly designed, simple and it works every time!.